American actress, Tytyana Miller well-known as the celebrity daughter of a renowned American rapper Percy Robert Miller famously known as Master P.

American actress, Tytyana Miller
Caption: American actress, Tytyana Miller

Tytyana Miller Mother

Born to parents Sonya C (mother) and Master P (father) on June 15, 1992, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Having an American nationality, Miller belonged to the Afro-American ethnicity. She has seven siblings and lives in a major family.

She has an auntie named Germaine Miller. Her cousins Lil King Miller, Jianna Miller, and Alexis Miller. Tytyana was a well-educated lady who faced drug-related problems. 

Tytyana Miller Siblings

She has 8 siblings, five siblings brothers, Lil Romero, Young V, Mercy, Mercy, and Veno Miller, and three sisters Cymphonique, Inty, and Italy Miller. She alongside her siblings needed to confront a difficult stretch after the separation of their parents.

Tytyana Miller with her sibling
Caption: Tytyana Miller with her sibling (Photo: Biography Mask)

Mill operator's oldest sibling, Romeo Miller prominently known as Lil Romeo is an acclaimed rapper just as an entertainer. Additionally, her sister known as Veno is a vocalist and a model. Her other sister Inty Miller is likewise a rap artist. Mill operator's sister Cymphonique Miller is a vocalist musician and entertainer.

Drugs Problem of Tytyana Miller 

Tytyana Miller known for sedate maltreatment. She sat with her father and talked about her medication issue during the scene of "Growing Up Hip Hop". She was living with her mom who has a medication issue. Mill operator may master utilizing drugs by her own mom. Additionally, her dad has never been interested in Tytyana's medication issue. 

Picture of Tytyana Miller
Caption: Picture of Tytyana Miller (Photo: Biography Mask)

Her dad Master P once exhorted her to explain her issues in the event that she needed to keep carrying on with an upbeat life, telling his girl
'In this house, you're going to need to make the right decision for you and us. Do you get me?'


At that point her sister Cymphonique conversed with her then she disclosed to her sibling, Romeo that she was prepared to manage her medication issue and clear up her demonstration.

Why Tytyana Miller Fled From Mother? 

Already Tytyana lived with her mom after the separation of their folks. Later she acknowledged how seriously her mom was in a tough situation. She had gotten away from her mom's home. From that point onward, she returned to her dad to seek a splendid future and get the answer for her medication misuse.

Tytyana Miller clicking selfie
Caption: Tytyana Miller clicking selfie (Photo: Celeb Tattler)

Be that as it may, the genuine purpose for Tytyana's break from the house is her mom. The medication propensity and love for cash of Sonya impact her girl Tytyana to come back to her dad Master P. She wasn't to adore a superior life like her otherkin and rejoin the family.

Was Tytyana Miller Married?

Miller was single at the time of her death. Therefore, she wasn't married and had a husband. However, her previous relationship status was absent. Additionally, she engaged in drugs, so she probably won't have any beaus before. Subsequent to conquering the medication issues, she was prepared to begin another life.

Picture of Tytyana Miller with her father Master P
Caption: Picture of Tytyana Miller with her father Master P (Photo: Allstarbio)

Along these lines, Tytyana was single and not spotted with any others out in the open. So she may be concentrating on her career who just began her expert profession.

Tytyana Miller Parents' Divorce 

Tytyana Miller's parents got separation in 2014 following 24 years of wedded life. Her parents' principal explanation behind the partition is the hopeless contrast between the couple. Be that as it may, her dad Master P denounced Sonyaof as being marginally inspired by his cash.

Picture of Tytyana Miller's parents
Caption: Picture of Tytyana Miller's parents (Photo: Urban Islandz)

Her parents during the separation case, a few allegations are tossed at one another. At that point her mom Sonya sued her sibling Romeo Miller as well. Sonya blamed Romeo for helping Master P to conceal winning subtleties from her. At that point, she additionally blamed Master P for grabbing her four youngsters away and controlling them to remain with him. Sonya won the separation case and Master P paid $825,000 as a separation settlement.

Tytyana Miller Net Worth

Tytana Miller had a net worth of around $1 Million at the time of her death. She had collected money out of her diverse professional career. In any case, she originated from a rich family.  Her dad Master P has earned an estimated net worth of $200 million. Likewise, he has put resources into around 45 organizations and 31 costly properties.

Picture of Tytyana Miller's dad Master P with a car
Caption: Picture of Tytyana Miller's dad Master P with a car (Photo: YouTube)

Miller siblings Romeo and Cymphonique, both have fruitful in the music business. Her senior sibling Romeo has a net worth of $75 million out of his rapper and vocalist professional career. Her senior sister Cymphonique has a net worth of $2 million earned from her profession as an entertainer, vocalist, and musician.


In the wake of having drug issues, Tytyana begins another section of her life. Miller had taken some acting classes and had started to act in plays and motion pictures. Tatyana's significant acting job was in the film "A Mother's Choice" of 2010.

Picture of Tytyana Miller
Caption: Picture of Tytyana Miller (Photo: Name Bet)

Additionally, she has assumed various little jobs in motion pictures. In any case, she has not come into the spotlight for her acting aptitudes. Tatyana has her profession in acting. Additionally, she may get popular as her siblings.

 Tytyana Miller Cause of Death

Tytyana Miller's death was announced by her father Master P on Instagram. At the age of 29, she passed away. Tytyana's cause of death was accidental fentanyl intoxication at a private residence, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner. Her family didn't mention the cause of Tytyana's death. Her father Master P said; 

"Our family is dealing with an overwhelming grief for the loss of my daughter Tytyana," 

Then he added 

 "We respectfully request some privacy so that our family can grieve. We appreciate all of the prayers love and support." We appreciate all of the prayers love and support. Mental illness & substance abuse is a real issue that we can’t be afraid to talk about. With God, we will get through this. #MyAngel.”