American entertainer, Parker is notable for her character in the parody film, In The Mood. Likewise, she is mainstream for different movies like The Rainbow Tribe, Hung Up on Elena, Happy Together, E! Genuine Hollywood Story, Some Girls and Can't Buy Me, and Love. 

Late Actress; Rocky Parker
Caption: Late Actress; Rocky Parker

Rocky Parker Early Life

Born to Bernard Parker (father) and Shirley Parker (mother) on February 26, 1940, in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. Additionally, her mom was an actress known for "Mission Mars" and "The Minx". She lived on Hopkinson Avenue as a kid.

In 1949, her family moved to Bayside, Queens. Rough had American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity. Parker went to Martin Buren High School situated in Queens.

Married Twice; Who is Rocky Parker Husband? 

Parker had married twice in her life. After separation from the principal and her husband, she met a youngster. At that point, she became hopelessly enamored with him. Parker was hitched to a lot more youthful man. 

All things considered, she wedded her closest companion's child as her husband Patrick Dempsey who is 27 years more youthful than her. At the hour of the wedding, Rocky was 48 years and her significant other was only 21 years.

To start with, they have joyfully married in spite of having a colossal age hole. However, their relationship couldn't keep going long because of the gigantic age hole contrasts. 

In the wake of living respectively as a couple for over 6 years. The team relationship couldn't keep going long lastly separated in the year 1994. The pair separation was the most questionable separation around then.

Her ex-hubby Patrick has a claim for assaulting Rocky in light of the fact that he needed to perceive what it resembled to whip a lady.
"The Bridget Jones' Baby star was blamed for truly manhandling his first spouse while on the arrangement of his film, "Can't Buy Me Love (1987)."Rocky who was passed at 74 years old year-old because of throat and cellular breakdown in the lungs used to guaranteed that she helped Patrick to get off medications and liquor." 

After the separation, she carries on with a solitary life however Patrick married  Jillian Fink. Since 1999, they are together having a joyful hitched life.

About Rocky Parker First Husband

Beforehand, Rock was married to the dads of her three kids. She brought forth her first child, David Alan at 19 years old with her spouse Sheldon Leonard Stein. She wedded John Haas in 1964 and shared a child Corey Parker.

At the time of the 31st, she brought forth her third kid a girl, Noelle Parker. The dad of her girl Noelle is Nick Ferri.

Rocky Parker Cause of Death

The main reason for Rocky Parker's death was lung cancer. She experiences lung sickness for a while. The entertainer enjoyed the keep-going reprieve on April nineteenth, 2014 in Los Angeles, California, the United States.

Her passing came as a stun to her relatives and furthermore to her fans also. At 68 years old, she kicked the bucket. Her memorial service was held as a private function within the sight of her relative in particular.

Net Worth of Rocky Parker

During her dynamic year, Rocky has earned an attractive total of cash from his expert profession. Rocky Parker had earned an estimated net worth of $1 million at the time of her death.

The entertainer got a yearly compensation going somewhere in the range of $150,000 and $300,000 which means an hourly normal payoff somewhere in the range of $17.12 and $34.25.

Her prime wellsprings of gaining were just acting vocation. It is sure, that she most likely earned an attractive entirety of cash by highlighting in hits films and television series. Rough had carried on with a sumptuous life until her demise.


At 17 years old, Rocky began demonstrating for magazines like True Romance during the 1950s. For years, she was highlighted in the hits parody film, In The Mood, and mainstream for her character. At that point she highlighted the likes of the film Can't Buy Me Love (1987), Happy Together (1989), and In the Mood (1987).

Everybody adored her acting aptitudes in the films. Additionally, she is well known for different movies like The Rainbow Tribe, Hung Up on Elena, E! Genuine Hollywood Story, Some Girls, and some more.