Lyzel Williams works at Intermedia, Inc. Williams is a craftsman and visual fashioner. Yet, he came into the spotlight after his marriage to his ex-wife Jill Scott. 

American Artist,  Lyzel Williams
Caption: American Artist, Lyzel Williams 

Lyzel Williams Biography

As per reports, Lyzel Williams was born in the mid-70s in Washington, D.C. His genuine birth date is as yet under audit. Williams' dad was a gadgets specialist and his mom used to fill in as a dress originator. 

Having American nationality, Lyzel is of Afro-American ethnicity. He burned through the vast majority of his youth times with his grandma who raised him with exceptional consideration and oversight.

He enlisted at Forestville High School situated in Forestville, Maryland. Additionally, he was an aspect of the neighborhood ball group during his years in secondary school. 

In the year 1989. he moved on from secondary school. He went to The Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he contemplated visual communication. Likewise, he was keen on music and is known as a DJ.

Lyzel Williams Married Life

Lyzel met his wife Jill Scott without precedent in the year 1994. Yet, they began dating American artist musicians, Scott during the 2000s. They dated for a long time before their marriage. At long last, Lyzel traded the marital promises with his wife Jill Scott in the year 2001. In Hawaii, their wedding function held together since the mid-90s.

Lamentably, the couple didn't have any children during their wedded life. Yet, their wedded life blurred away lastly separated in the year 2007. The couple got separated following six years of marriage in spite of their caring relationship. After separation, Lyzel has been driving a position of a safe life.

Williams Ex-Wife Past & Now Affairs

His ex-wife Jill Scott has been married threefold in the course of her life. Jill shared along in front of an audience kiss with her drummer, Li'l John Roberts on June 20, 2008, at a show in New York's Carnegie Hall. 

The pair at that point told the crowd that they were locked in. From their relationship, they invited a child, Jett Hamilton Roberts, born on April 20, 2009.

Scott reported that she and Roberts had separated on June 23, 2009. She seeks after the two guardians to have a functioning part in their youngster's childhood, expressing that
"We certainly love our child and we are co-child rearing and dealing with being companions. What will be will be. I have a great deal of help, so I have everything taken care of, and then some undoubtedly." 
She wedded another drawn-out beau Mike Dobson in a private service on June 25, 2016. Following 15 months of their marriage, she petitioned for legal separation from Dobson in 2017. Right now, she has been living in Tennessee which is expected as her present home.

What's Lyzel Williams Net Worth? 

All things considered, he has collected a decent net worth out of his working profession. As per reporys, Lyzel Williams has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. As indicated by reports, the normal pay of a visual creator is paid around $34,300 every year in the United States of America.

So we can say that Williams is carrying on with a rich life out of her income. Then again, his ex-wife Scott Jill has an estimated net worth of $12 million. Her prime wellspring of gaining a singing career


From the beginning, Lyzel Williams was keen on music. Likewise, he was scholastically brilliant and intended to go into business identified with music in later days. Williams was an aspect of the nearby b-ball group and used to perform splendidly being a functioning understudy in secondary school.

Lyzel's dad persuaded him to move his vocation across it however he got occupied in the realistic. He is related to numerous organizations filling in as a visual creator. Likewise, he is positioned as the effective DJ of the town. 

Then again, his ex Jill Scott is an American artist lyricist, model, writer, and actress born on April 4, 1972. In the music world, she makes a big appearance in the year 2000. Likewise, she highlighted in the films too. Lyzel Williams stands at a decent height.