Canadian lawyer, Jamie Afifi came at the center of attention following his involved acquaintance with an entertainer Sarah Chalke. Presently, he speaks to first-class superstars in the business and provides legal counsel from Ziffren Brittenham's film and TV gathering. 

Canadian attorney, Jamie Afifi
Caption: Canadian attorney, Jamie Afifi

Jamie Afifi Ethnicity

In the year 1973, Jamie was born in Canada yet, the genuine date of birth is as yet absent. He commends his birthday with his group of four in serene style subtleties of them despite everything missing. Having a Canadian nationality, Afifi is of mixed ethnicity. He intended to contemplate engineering yet with the interest of his parents during his school days.

Later he picked up enthusiasm for the law personnel. Not long after he joined LLB for the finish of his advanced education. He finished his LLB directly after which he began rehearsing as a legal counselor. Afifi has dark brown eyes with black color hair and stands at a decent height.

Is Jamie Afifi Married? His Partner

Jamie came into the spotlight after his commitment occurred with his partner Sarah Chalke in December 2006. Afifi purposes his long-term girlfriend Sarah Chalke during a vacation in Hawaii. 

Jamie Afifi with his partner Sarah Chalke
Caption: Jamie Afifi with his partner Sarah Chalke (Photo: Celebrity)

At that point, he bowed down to ask the well-known entertainer the huge inquiry. The entertainer acknowledged the proposition of Jamie. The couple associated with a sentimental relationship since 2003.

They became parents of 2 kids (baby) from their romantic relationship. The couple was blessed with their first son Charlie Rhodes Afifi born on 24th December 2009. At that point, he determined to have Kawasaki's sickness at two years old. Following 7 years, the couple was blessed with their baby girl Frances Afifi born on 25th April 2016.

Jamie Afifi's partner Sarah Chalke with her baby and dad
Caption: Jamie Afifi's partner Sarah Chalke with her baby and dad (Photo: Wikiodin)

His partner opened up about their battle during that difficult experience and needed to manage those tiring days discovering treatment to fix their child. Presently the couple's child has completely recuperated and sound again and includes themselves in raising the store for the Kawasaki Disease Foundation.

Jamie Afifi & Sarah Chalke Wedding Date

Notwithstanding having a relationship for a significant stretch of time, the couple is yet to be hitched. Indeed, even they became guardians of two flawless kids all the while. In any case, Jamie and Sarah are yet to set a wedding date and offer their promises before their friends and family. 

Jamie Afifi with her partner Sarah Chalke
Caption: Jamie Afifi with his partner Sarah Chalke (Photo: Daily Mail)

The couple got ready for marriage yet they have no designs to stroll down the path until further notice. They are setting aside some effort to mark the calendar however it won't be long when Afifi e strolled down the passageway.

What's Jamie Afifi Net Worth?

Jamie Afifi has a net worth of $1 Million as per reports. He earns around $83,000 per annum for being an accomplished diversion legal advisor. The normal pay of amusement attorneys may win as high as $106,000 every year and as low as $89,000.

Jamie Afifi sitting inside the car with his partner Sarah
Caption: Jamie Afifi sitting inside the car with his partner Sarah (Photo: Black Shirts)

Jamie's partner Sarah Chalke has a net worth of around $14 Million. He alongside his life partner share a sumptuous 5,410 square feet house since 2016. The place of the couple costs $3,900,000 around. The house has a five-room, six-restroom, and a lovely open nursery.

Job as a Lawyer

Canadian legal advisor, Jamie Afifi came in the spotlight with an entertainer Sarah Chalke. Additionally, he engaged with different associations for lawful and social causes. Jamie is without giving a legitimate guide to the penniless individuals and has similarly had the option to deal with his own and expert living. Likewise, he is offering money-related help to the casualties of treachery. He battles for them speaking to their voices at the focal level and the court.

Picture of Jamie Afifi with his friend
Caption: Picture of Jamie Afifi with his friend (Photo: Getty Images)

The attorney adores singing and moving profoundly affected by the uplifting demeanor and attitude of his senior sister. He safeguards the interests of burdened individuals by offering them free lawful administrations. Likewise, he underpins survivors of foul play with budgetary help.

About Jamie Afifi Partner

Lawyer Jamie Afifi Partner Sarah Chalke is a Canadian entertainer, model, and voice craftsman. Chalke is well known for depicting the role of Elliot Reid on the NBC/ABC comedy series Scrubs, and 
the second Becky Conner on the ABC sitcom Roseanne. 

Picture of Jamie Afifi's partner Sarah Chalke
Caption: Picture of Jamie Afifi's partner Sarah Chalke (Photo: Getty Images)

Then she featured in the role of Stella Zinman on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother and Beth Smith on Adult Swim's adult animated science-fiction series Rick and Morty. Also, Jamie's partner had a recurring role in the third season of the ABC/TBS sitcom Cougar Town. 

Jamie Afifi with his partner Sarah Chalke
Caption: Jamie Afifi with his partner Sarah Chalke (Photo: US Weekly)

Then Sarah guest-starred as Melanie Hertzal, a "special needs supermom" on ABC's Speechless. Also, she has featured in a recurring character who was at first the nemesis and then business partner of the DiMeo family matriarch. In the year 2021, she appeared in the American drama 'Firefly Lane' on Netflix