Notoriety has become like a revile to numerous superstars. The revile doesn't get any longer evident than having dangerous connections. On the off chance that we had a dollar for each time a big name's commitment or relationships separated, at that point maybe we would have total assets like a portion of the big names we are discussing. 

A few big names proceed with something beyond one accomplice, and the equivalent is the situation with one of the most generously compensated humorists, Russell Peters. 

Russell Peters Ex-Fiance, Ruzanna Khetchian
Caption: Russell Peters Ex-Fiance, Ruzanna Khetchian

Wiki-Bio of Ruzanna Khetchian 

Ruzanna Khetchian born in the year 1981. She experienced childhood in Canada and later moved to the states with her family. Ketchikan has a place with a white ethnic foundation, and she holds a Canadian nationality. Discussing her training, she finished her Bachelor in Fashion and Apparel Design in 2003.

Ruzanna is for the most part known for her relationship with Russell Peters, so she still can't seem to become well known. There is no data with respect to her own life and family, while Peter resembles an open book.

Founder of Ruzanna Deleon

Other than her relationship with Russell, she is an independently employed individual. She is a Creative Director at Ruzanna DeLeon in Los Angeles.

She joined the firm in July of 2019, and from that point forward, she is attempting to refashioning things into improved wearable craftsmanship.

Engagement with Boyfriend Russell Peters

The Canadian professional comic, Russell, connected with his better half, Ruzzanna, in September of 2016. The two had been seeing each other for at some point before their commitment. They shared the large news about their commitment to ET Canada.

Russell made a stunning yet interesting proposition when he jumped on the two knees and brought up marriage. The entertainer clarified the total subtleties in a meeting, saying,
"I was stripped. Going to hit the hay and I just jumped on the two knees since one knee hurt." While discussing his arrangements to wedding Ruzanna, he offered a wry response, "Gee golly surge, I despite everything got a lot of side chicks I got the chance to traverse." 
Likewise, he skilled a 4.25-carat jewel ring to Ruzanna while he proposed her for their marriage. He additionally discussed the pampering ring in the meeting.
"Imprint Lash made this monster ring. It's a 4.25 carat precious stone with four lobster hooks holding the jewel set up on the grounds that [Ruzanna] and I are huge 'Companions' fans and there's that entire thing that lobsters mate always… " 
In spite of their unlimited love and backing, the two had some interior clashes and debates. They could no longer carry on their relationship and went on their different ways not long after in 2007.

It just took them around four months to settle on this choice, and from that point forward, Ruzanna is single.

Ex-Fiance of Russell Peters

Russell Peters needs no acquaintance when it accompanies his personality in the whole world. He is an acclaimed comic and a TV star. From his profession as a professional comic to his appearance in a few TV programs and motion pictures, Peters is a notorious figure.

Discussing his accomplishments, he won a few honors at the Canadian Comedy Awards. Likewise, he won the Trailblazer Award for his commitment in the parody business. He has been everywhere throughout the globe while performing all through better places.

Russell had an unsanctioned romance with a few ladies throughout the years. In 2008, he dated an Indian pornstar, Sunny Leone, for quite a while. Afterward, he wedded Monica Diaz in 2010 just to get separated in 2012.

From that point forward, the joke artist dated Ruzanna in 2016 and isolated with her in 2017. He at that point dated his new sweetheart, Jennifer Andrade, and the two are still seeing someone this day. In April of 2019, Jennifer brought forth Russell's subsequent infant. Prior to this, he had a little girl named Crystinna Marie Peters with Monica Diaz.

Does Ruzanna Khetchian Have Children? 

Ruzanna was involved with Russell Peters in 2016, yet after their partition in 2017, she has no undertakings from that point forward. She didn't have any youngsters with Russell for her commitment to the joke artist got broken.

Other than that, Khetchian doesn't have any youngsters from any of her past undertakings. She is yet to have a kid and adjust to parenthood. 

Be that as it may, her ex, Russell, has two youngsters. One little girl with his ex, Monica, and one child with his now-sweetheart, Jennifer.

Is Ruzanna Khetchian Single? 

You regularly commit errors while picking your life accomplice. Ruzanna experienced serious difficulties with Russell, and it resembled a terrible involvement with her life. Since her takeoff with the man in 2017, she is certain about her future accomplice.

She is as of now single, yet she would like to locate the correct person soon. In one of her recordings, she was making pasta, and she stated,

"Petition God for my significant other you all. Not much's. I simply haven't met him yet. Be that as it may, when I do, I'm going to love and feed him senseless. Implore that his heart can take it."

What is the Net Worth of Ruzanna Khetchian?

Ruzanna Khetchian has assembled a lot of cash throughout the years. She is the originator of Ruzanna DeLeon and works there as an innovative chief. Her evaluated total assets are around a huge number of dollars, while her ex has an enormous fortune.

Russel Peters is among the most generously compensated humorists on the planet. His total net worth is around $60 million, so it's really enormous contrasted with that of Ruzanna's.

Notwithstanding the huge contrast, she has enough cash to support an extravagant life. She is frequently observed wandering around various style occasions, and it's won't be long until she makes her name in the design business.

What is the Height of Ruzanna Khetchian? 

Ruzanna Khetchian has an engaging body figure and carrying on with a solid way of life. She has earthy colored eyes shading which depict her character to be a tranquil and quiet individual with dark hair shading. In like manner, her ex, Russell Peters remains at a tall stature of 5 feet 9 inches tall.