Ryan's wife Genevieve Tedder Bio, Net Worth, Personal Life, Kids

Genevieve Tedder is an American expert picture taker. She went to the media spotlight as the spouse of Rayan Tedder who is a lead vocalist for the pop-musical gang OneRepublic. 

Caption: Genevieve Tedder, Celebrity Wife

On 24th August Genevieve Tedder was born in the United States of America. Genevieve has American nationality while her ethnic foundation is white. She commends her birthday consistently on 24th August and her horoscope is Virgo. 

School Sweethearts Genevieve and Ryan Husband-Wife 

Genevieve and Ryan met just because at their school. Subsequent to knowing each other well, they shared their marital promises in the year 2004 at a private wedding. 

Once in a meeting with The Today Show, Genevieve was asked if she saw her and her better half's life going soaring to distinction and she stated, 

"There were a lot of times where, I consider both us resembled, 'What's going on with we?' 'What's going to occur?' and 'Is this value it?'." 

She proceeds, 

"It's fascinating to be with someone when everything is kind of simply this obscure and a fantasy… and afterward to see it happen as intended is really staggering." 

The Proud Parents of Two Sons 

Genevieve with her husband Ryan honored with two children. They brought forth their first child, Copeland Cruz on second August 2010. In September 2014, they invited another child, Miles Tedder. 

Benjamin has even composed a melody I Lived about his child, Miles. On a meeting with People in 2016, Benjamin stated: 

"The two children are fixated on music. My most established child is obstinate. He simply turned 6 like two days back, and he has his main tunes. 

Further, he included, 

"Children like the rudiments: They like straightforward and appealing on the grounds that they're changing from nursery rhymes into current music, so in the event that I played him nine melodies in succession, he will float towards the one, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that is likely the greatest of those, or the catchiest – so he certainly has his top choices… " 

What Profession is Genevieve Tedder Doing? 

Genevieve Tedder is a picture taker by her calling. She generally had a distinct fascination for photography and workmanship from youth. 

Genevieve every now and again posts her highly contrasting depiction of pictures on her Instagram account. Plus, she is making a mind-blowing most as a mother and Benjamin's better half. 

Benjamin Tedder Opened up About Struggles with Anxiety 

In the year 2016, Benjamin opened up about his battles with uneasiness through his Facebook post by expressing the accompanying status: 

"I was very nearly a mental meltdown, not dozing, on drugs, upset, tension on a devastating level and it was activated from sheer depletion." 

He even stresses the significance of his family by composing: 

"I took a gander at a schedule, acknowledged I had been gone 200 days of 2016, and still had three additional long stretches of being gone… From my family, my better half, my children, my companions, fundamentally my life… I likewise understood that it had been the most recent 10 years. At that point, I needed to stop, and nearly did." 

Tedder's Net Worth in Millions 

Genevieve Tedder's husband Ryan appreciates the net worth of $30 million. The principle wellspring of his salary is from his astonishing profession as an artist, lyricist, performer, and record-maker. 


Genevieve and her better half, Ryan sold their five-room house in Beverly Hills to Cindy Crawford and her significant other, representative Rande Gerber, for $11.625 million in the year 2017. Already, they purchased that house for $7.485 million in the year 2013. 

Her Husband's Career in a Short 

As we previously referenced above, Genevieve Tedder's better half, Ryan Tedder is an American artist, lyricist, performer, just as a record maker who is generally well known as a lead vocalist for the pop-musical crew OneRepublic. 

At the beginning period of his vocation, he used to fill in as a server, and furthermore as a shop aide at Pottery Barn. Ryan has composed tunes, for example, Apologies and Bleeding Love which are the most played tunes in the radio history. Further, he is functioning as one of the makers on the unscripted TV drama Songland. 

He has won three Grammy Award for Album of the Year and selected for nine Grammy Awards also. In the year 2017, he got the designation for Golden Globe Award.

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